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IFSU Foundation

Spanish Meditation Society
Training and advice in meditation techniques, mindfulness, as well as cognitive behavioral practices aimed at providing effective tools for the comprehensive development of students.


The IFSU (International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment) is a non-denominational foundation with an international scope (Spain, USA, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark)

Ministry of Education

A foundation declared of general interest and registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Ministry of Education with the number 1.347.

Make a difference in your EDUCATION CENTER

The programs developed by our foundation are non-denominational and can be applied without any problem to students of different religious traditions, are adapted to the level of emotional and cognitive development of the students and are simple enough to be able to be implemented without any difficulty in different centers.

Integral development of the individual

Inclusion and interculturality

Lateral thinking

Conflict resolution

For a better future for our children

At our foundation we believe that improving ourselves is the best we can do to improve the world we live in. For this reason we aim to create a happier society, working from the inside of each person through meditation.

Our Method
The purpose of the IFSU is to teach meditation and mindfulness techniques designed individually for each person according to their psychological and physiological needs. We teach the PoU method, designed by Gururaj Ananda Yogi and it contains all the elements of the MBSR and MBCT protocols and is complemented by powerful meditation techniques and a individualized design of prescribed meditation and mindfulness practices, adapting it to the particular needs of each individual.
IFSU Teacher Training
Since 1976 we have maintained a staff of meditation teachers, trained over 35 years of practice, who teach meditation internationally.

Among others, the Spanish Society of Meditation has trained prominent psychiatry and psychology professionals as meditation teachers, including Dr. Rosa Calvo Sagardoy and Dr. Ramón Carballo Sanchez in Spain.

International support
The project is supported by various international experts in education (Dra Vidya Anderson University of Tennesee and Dr Merril Harmin, University of Illinois, Chicago).
The meditation it has been used by all cultures and spiritual traditions since ancient times and has attracted scientific interest today, and in the last 30 years a large number of serious and competent studies. The Spanish Meditation Society and the IFSU Foundation are specialized in the meditation teacher training that makes them fully competent to transmit this ancient art that has recently been discovered by science.

Our Teaching Team

A determined and multidisciplinary cohesive team.

Composed of educators, pedagogues, psychologists, nursery, primary and secondary teachers and creatives determined to share their years of experience in the educational world

A determined and multidisciplinary cohesive team.

Ramon Leonato

Monica Reyes

Silvia Serrano

Joan Colom

Silvia Monné

Rosa Maria Dulcet

RAMÓN LEONATO Director of the Mindfulness Schools program, and Coordinator of the program at ESO.
Trained in the Faculty of Medicine and in the Faculty of Physics of the Autonomous University of Madrid.
He teaches meditation since 1984 in Spain, the US and the UK. He directs the team of teachers of the Spanish Meditation Society from its headquarters in Asturias, at the same time he directs courses periodically in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Andalusia and Extremadura.

MONICA REYES Coordinator of the Mindfulness Schools program in Primary Education.
Bachelor of Teaching and specialized in special education and mediation.

SYLVIA SERRANO Program teacher Schools Mindfulness.
Degree in psychology. Master in Child and Youth Psychology. Psychologist of the Aspercamp association since 2015. Working with children and adolescents with ASD, in groups and in individual therapy. Experience in re-education techniques in learning.

JOAN COLOM Professor of the Mindfulness Schools program.
Artist and entrepreneur. Trained in Social Education and free time monitor. He has participated in the European Volunteer Project for refugee children with artistic and sports activities. He has actively participated in the local culture forming part of different cultural entities with projects of music, theater and poetry. He currently directs the MArt room where show and culture converge with meditation and mindfulness.

SYLVIA MONNÉ Teacher of the Mindfulness Schools program.
Yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher. Specializing in therapeutic yoga and the applications of mindfulness and meditation for people's health. She has also taught mindfulness training for teachers at the Andorran School and has experience as a yoga teacher for children.

ROSA MARIA DULCET Teacher of the Mindfulness Schools program.
Gestalt therapist and meditation teacher since 2007 teaching meditation and mindfulness courses following the POU method and the MTSP protocol.
Trainer of teachers of meditation and mindfulness of the IFSU and the SEM.
Director of the meditation center “the way of unfolding” in Riudoms since 2008.

Emotional education in childhood. Ability to recognize feelings of oneself and others.

Until recently, education focused almost exclusively on teaching "traditional" subjects, such as mathematics, language or science, leaving aside any aspect related to emotions. However, more and more teachers and schools are incorporating specific programs so that their students learn to know them and can manage them appropriately.

Motivation is the key to success. The combination of emotional education and meditation makes the kind nature of the human heart emerge and in this way the norms that the children themselves create are based on values ​​such as empathy, interdependence, respect for others, etc.

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