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A pioneering project includes meditation as a subject in various centers in Asturias

Several schools in Asturias teach this course, as a subject, meditation. It is a pioneering project that tries to demonstrate the benefits of these techniques used, among other things, against bullying.

RTVE a la Carta newscast.

Meditation, a new subject for the Castrillón schools

In the schools of Castrillón, Asturias, a new subject is taught this year: mindfulness or meditation.

The Trade

Meditation and emotional management courses at council institutes

Students in the third year of Secondary and first year of Bachelor of the two institutes of the council as well as their parents will receive courses in meditation, 'mindfulness' and emotional management.

The Trade

Castrillón incorporates the 'mindfullnes' in schools and institutes

The IFSU and the Spanish Society of Meditation train Primary and Secondary students within the 'Mindfulness in the classroom' program



Meditation classes in the Castrillón schools

They learn techniques with which to face the world in which they have had to live.

The first class on Friday morning at the Castillo de Gauzón school does not have desks or books, which have been replaced by mats and cushions. Play meditation and mindfulness class.

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Mindfulness ”inside the classrooms

Two schools and two institutes in Castrillón have established a mindfulness program, a practice that seeks to establish itself in Spanish centers.

Relaxation, concentration and education. A trio, it seems, very well matched.

El País

If you don't do this as soon as you wake up you will have a terrible day

Psychologists, nutritionists, sexologists, personal trainers ... Everyone has the advice to start the day in a spectacular way

Diari of Tarragona

"Meditation is the best cosmetic"

Interview with Ramón Leonat. Professor and successful businessman, participated in the IPO of two companies in England and the United States

Ramón Leonato was a successful businessman, participated in the IPO of two companies in England and the United States. Now, far from that, he chairs the Spanish Meditation Society. He will make a spiritual retreat, from today until Sunday, in Cambrils, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this association.

The New Spain INE

IFSU conducts a scientific study on how meditation influences people and their environment

Carolina G. MENÉNDEZ Carrying out a scientific study on how meditation influences the people who practice it and the environment in which they live is one of the next projects that the Ifsu Foundation will carry out this year.

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